We are a group of friends based in Austria, passionate about sports and healthy lifestyle, as well we desire to help people create a harmonious and cozy home environment.
Vachook is a high quality equipment supplier wich was founded in 2022 in Austria. In 2023 we opened our first specialized store in Switzerland.

We are delighted to wellcome you to the amazing world of reliable tools and high-tech solutions!
We provide premium quality products, accessories and replacement parts to retail dealers for discerning individuals, maintenance contractors, medium to large size businesses and government agencies. We also provide back up support for our products. We employ a highly skilled and professional sales team and well-trained technicians to comply with our customer needs.
Our strengths is in our dedication to our dealers and our industry. We believe our two most important assets are our customers and our staff.
We are to serve you!

Why our tolls are better?

Different handles for tools have been developed for you by PB Swiss Tools, thus enabling you to be able to use them perfectly in every application area. Work is being carried out on handle number 43 to ensure that it meets the state of the art. It is still being intensively tested today by test persons - tomorrow, we will find out about all of the benefits it provides.
Our team
  • Alireza Sobhanipour
    CEO & Founder
  • Farzad Payman
    Managing Director
  • Sahba Hadjian Jaber
    Chief operating Officer
Contact us with any convenient way. We are always opened for new ideas and big deeds.
E-mail: info@vachook.com
Phone Austria: +43 690 100 194 33
Phone Switzerland: +41 79 600 84 29

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