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SIGG The Glass Project

SIGG Switzerland and GlasiHergiswil with more than 400 years of Swiss manufacturing experience have partnered to create a unique piece of craftsmanship. Purest raw materials, a 1500 degrees oven and expert hands combined in a unique, hand-blown glass bottle that reinterprets the iconic SIGG shape.

This limited edition bottle exudes style and character and comes nicely presented in a cork covered wood box to preserve its beauty - until the moment of use. The SIGG Classic glass bottle will add beauty to your table and turn your office desk into something extraordinary.


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VACHOOK was originally founded in 2006 as an Outdoor equipment supply company. Other opportunities arose to sell similar products and then more variety of products, converted VACHOOK entirely to a General trading company with the goal of distributinghigh end products through independent retail dealers.

In 2014 we opened our first specialized store, and in the same year we opened the second one, then in 2015 we could add the third one to the chain of stores that are the most unique stores in terms of quality and range of all high end brands all together in the same place.